Who can take out a zero interest loan

It is essential to check whether all PTZ eligibility conditions are met before subscribing a zero interest credit. It is also linked to bonds. Each home loan is subject to certain conditions. The zero rate credit is no exception to the rule. It is reserved for borrowers responding to a specific profile. But the PTZ also requires some detailed obligations in this focus.

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  1. PTZ eligibility: borrower profile
  2. The obligations of the zero interest credit

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Eligibility: borrower profile

Eligibility: borrower profile

The PTZ eligibility of an acquirer is subject to the following criteria:

  • To be first-time buyer: that is to say, not to be the owner of his last home for at least 2 years at the date of loan application. However, certain categories of persons do not fall under this obligation, such as those who receive the AEEH, the AAH, and the holders of a disability card. Similarly, if the last dwelling was deemed uninhabitable following a disaster found by order, this clause is not applicable;
  • Do not exceed a certain ceiling of resources : this one is appreciated according to the geographical zone of implantation of the good but also according to the number of people which compose the home. For example, for a family of 5 and a dwelling in zone A, the PTZ ceiling will be different from that applied to an identical family and a dwelling in zone C. The detail can be consulted on the official website of the public service;
  • The incomes of persons not attached to the tax home but who will occupy the PTZ-funded housing, are added to the reference tax revenue.

It should be noted that the PTZ regulation specifies that persons receiving income from a foreign country as well as those who do not have a tax household are not eligible for the PTZ.

The obligations of the zero interest credit

zero interest credit

A PTZ eligible person has the obligation to be of age, to provide all the required documents (identity, address, tax situation, family situation, real estate project), to request only one PTZ.

Indeed, a single zero-rate credit per household tax can be subscribed for Edward Casaubonr partially the acquisition of housing.

It is therefore possible to buy a new home or to build a home, buy an old housing that requires substantial work, a former housing that requires some work such as those related to sanitation, expansion, the development for at least a quarter of the total cost, to acquire a room to be modified in order to be rehabilitated into housing.

A PTZ eligible person has the obligation to provide all the quotes of the works accompanied by a declaration on honor, to respect the constraint of occupation of the housing as principal residence, to commit – with exceptions – not to renting a home within six years of receiving the PTZ.
The work must not be started before the issue of zero rate credit and my repayment capabilities must be verified before committing.

You must take out life insurance.

On the other hand, the loss of employment insurance is optional.
In the majority of cases, banks ask their customers to have their income domiciled in an open account in one of their branches.
A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.


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